Hogwarts House Emblem Constellations Knit Scarf


Stay warm and look stylish with these bright colored Hogwarts House Emblem Constellations Knit Scarf. This scarf is 100% acrylic and measures 64″ long. The scarf showcases multicolored metallic print images of the Hogwarts house emblems against a backgrou

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Boredom BreakerAs a Hogwarts student, it’s always bothered you that the uniforms can seem so drab. Sure, the solid black robe with a single accent color to represent your house is timeless but, in your opinion, dull. Winter is about the only time you see other students go away from the norm, and even then, it’s all house colors to match their house colors. You want to see some magic. Fashion that draws the eyes in then surprises with is unexpected detailing. And, because while your style expression is important, so are the rules, something that coordinates with every school and casual outfit.Product DescriptionYou’ve found the perfect accessory to bring your fashion dreams to life with this Hogwarts House Emblem Constellation Knit Scarf! Starting with a solid black knit base, this stylish scarf is sure to fit right in with your Hogwarts wardrobe. Meanwhile, dreamy rainbow-colored constellations of each Hogwarts house symbol are printed on the front of the scarf. Vibrant and yet subtle, this officially licensed accessory creates a magic all your muggle and wizarding ensembles will benefit from. So, whether you’re looking to jazz up your Hogwarts robes or add a bit of magic to your muggle wardrobe, this scarf has you covered.

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