Women’s Minion Costume


Help Gru become the greatest villain of all time by using the shrink ray to steal the moon. You’ll look despicable in this exclusive Women’s Minion Costume.

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Never Underestimate the Tiny Yellow Helpers Vector’s piranha gun couldn’t stand in their way. El Macho wasn’t macho enough in the end. Balthazar Bratt’s grooves weren’t groovy enough and Scarlett Overkill’s bomb was a joke. What makes the Vicious 6 think that they will fare any better against Gru’s elite force of….small, pill-shaped cuties waving fart guns? Ok, it makes sense that most supervillains think they’ve got a shot, but the odds are not in their favor at all. Product DetailsTake over the world one banana at a time when you wear your officially licensed Minion Costume for Women! The exclusive outfit includes a sweet minidress that’s designed to look like a yellow shirt under a denim overall jumper. Buttons decorate the overall straps and Gru’s symbol is printed across a large pocket in the center of the chest. Black gloves protect your hands while you fire freeze rays. The headband is covered with yellow favric and the round plastic lab goggles can be adjusted to fit as desired. Copa BananaDon’t feel like you have to rush right off to the lab when you put this outfit on. Being really focused on world domination is admirable and good, but Minions would be the first to tell you that all work and no play leads to very few fun memories. Instead, why not make an appearance at a party and show everyone your amazing dance moves? Dr. Nefario isn’t the only one who enjoys a good boogie bot. 

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