Women’s Classic Scooby Doo Velma Costume


This Women’s Classic Scooby Doo Velma Costume is perfect for solving mysteries with your best pals! Step into the shoes of the smartest member of the team and wow your friends with your impressive mystery-solving skills.

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Jinkies!Well, it looks like another mystery is afoot! Whenever there’s a creepy ghoul lurking in the town or a suspicious swamp monster running amok, you can bet that the Mystery Machine gang is there to uncover the clues. Of course, the brains of the whole operation is Velma Dinkley! Her inquisitive mind and knack for zeroing on details have helped the gang put a stop to supernatural problems on a weekly basis. And when you hear the word “Jinkies!” it usually means that she’s just cracked the caseNow, you can be the one putting the clues together when you dress up in this Women’s Classic Scooby Doo Velma Costume! It’s officially licensed from the classic cartoon series and has a colorful, retro style that every Scooby fan can dig.Design & DetailsThis women’s Velma Dinkley costume brings you everything you need to transform into the problem-solving bookworm! The pullover turtle neck stretches to fit and comes in a bright orange color. The skirt fits with an elastic band in the waist and the knee high socks match the sweater for a look that looks like it came right from the 1970s. The glasses have a thick black frame and a pair of tinted, light blue lenses. It all comes together for a look that will have you ready to shout “Jinkies!”

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