Classic Humpty Dumpty Adult Costume


There’s danger in sitting on a wall, sure. But is danger such a bad thing? Find out in this exclusive Classic Humpty Dumpty Adult Costume. This costume is sure to go over easy with all your friends!

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It’s hard adulting. We’re always setting ourselves up and letting ourselves down. Like those inevitable summer weekends when you tell yourself that you’ll get your laundry done, finish painting the garage, and attend that out of town wedding on Saturday. It’s two days: how could you not have time? Yeah, well turns out you have to eat, sleep, and yeah, watch a couple episodes of reality TV too. So, it seems that every Sunday night you come crashing down and realize that all the king’s horses and all the king’s men could never put a mess like you together.  You have to feel for Humpty Dumpty, the media has been all over his back lately.  “You’re an egg, Mr. Dumpty, you must stop sitting on walls!” But if people are honest with themselves, we’ve all been there. We’re all sensitive breakable creatures. Life itself is taking that trip to the top of the wall and peering over to see what’s on the other side. Time after time it proves to be too difficult to balance and we’ll fall off one way or another. The funny thing is, the more misshapen we become after the king’s horses and men do their thing, the easier it is for us to balance on that wall. So, why get mad at Humpty Dumpty for taking chances, he’s setting a good example for all of us! Or, maybe he’s just a nursery rhyme. However you feel about Mr. Dumpty, he makes a great character for your next costumed event. Story time at the library? Cute! Pairing up with a few friends for a group costume of knights and horses for Halloween? Egg-celent! You’ll look dapper as this plaid wearing ovum with sophisticated striped pants. It’s a costume that’s sure to go over easy with your friends!

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