Ghostbusters Name Badge Costume Accessory Kit


Who you gonna call? Venkman, Ray, Winston and Egon. The Classic Team. Join them with this Ghostbusters Name Badge Costume Kit.

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Who They Gonna Call?Imagine if, when the Ghostbusters tried to close the portal and stop the apocalypse, they got sucked in. Any ghost, that was left behind, would be free to roam and cause any destruction they pleased. Who would people call? You? Sure! You could fill the role. With a few of your friends, believers and skeptics alike, you could take the calls and keep the streets safe from the likes of Slimer. All you would need to do is find the firehouse that the team called headquarters, grab a few proton packs, find the spare keys to the Ecto-1, and get dressed in one of those classic jumpsuits.Design & DetailsOf course, you wouldn’t want anyone to mistake you for Venkman, Ray, Winston, or Egon, so you’ll need to make sure you change that name badge. With this Made By Us kit, you can make your own Ghostbusters Costume Name Badge. The kit includes everything you need to make your coveralls look like an official Ghostbusters uniform. Customize your Hook and Loop fastener badge with the red, embroidered, iron-on letters. You’ll have the choice to spell your own name or something completely unique to create your own Ghostbuster character.Ghostbusters TooDon’t worry about who is going to be Venkman and who will dress as Winston this Halloween, be your very own Ghostbuster. With this Ghostbusters Name Badge Kit, you and your team can be the new Ghostbusters and no one will have to fight over their favorite characters again.

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