Women’s Ladybug Poncho


This Ladybug Poncho is perfect for any woman ready to spread her wings! This poncho will keep you dry and warm while also maintaining your fun sense of style.

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The Most Ladylike BugIf there was a contest for cutest bug, we think the ladybug would be a big contender. Butterflies are beautiful, but they are grand. Praying mantises are intricate, but also kind of scary. But ladybugs, with their little round bodies and bright red and black decorations, are pretty adorable!Aside from being cute, they also do great work for gardens, attacking small but destructive aphids. The way the shells hide their delicate wings is pretty ingenious, too! If you’re a ladybug lover, then you should check out this Women’s Ladybug Poncho. Its bright style will bring a lighthearted dose of joy into your wardrobe. Product DetailsThis simple poncho has a few cute details that make it special! The red fabric features a pattern of varying dots in different sizes. The head opening has a sweet, fabric lacing detail that adds a touch of fashion.Another fashionable detail is the cold shoulder sleeve cutouts. A little daisy on the top left adds a dash of whimsy to complete the look. You can wear this as part of a Halloween costume, or you can wear it on its own. When you need a little extra sunshine in your life, just put on this poncho!

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