Adult Cosmic Purple Wig


This Adult Cosmic Purple Wig is the perfect statement piece for any costume. Accessorize your alien costume or any purple costume with this short bobbed wig.

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Cosmic StyleCan you imagine the life of a cosmic social butterfly? An alien who travels the universe would have so many social circles! Just think about all the adventures you could live if you were not only worldly but cosmic. You could sip Ked juice with colorful lizard people on Kepler-61. You could dance on space yachts floating through the starry Milky Way. You could view the glowing clouds of nebulas up close. All these vivid events would call for a vivid wardrobe. No boring brown or blond hair for you. You need a look that says that you’re ready for anything!Design & DetailsThis colorful wig is ready for starry skies. The sleek bob would look right at home in a mod space station. Slip this purple wig on and you’ll be ready to meet all of your lively new cosmic crowd. Fitting heads that measure 18 to 22 inches, this wig will fit a variety of aliens.Astro AttireAre you ready to take your travels to the next level? Check out the rest of our chic alien costumes and accessories and you’ll be ready for take-off. After that, you just have to decide where to go first. We hear Mars is lovely this time of year!

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