Women’s Harry Potter Marauders Map Scarf


Add some adventure, and a dash of mischief, with this Women’s Harry Potter Marauders Map Scarf! It would be a great addition to your costume or for wearing around the town.

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Find Your FriendsHiding around in Hogwarts is always a good time… or so you might think right away. There are so many twists and turns in that magical castle—and the darn place likes to change whenever it wills, too! How is anyone supposed to figure out where they are going? More importantly, how are they ever supposed to meet up with their mates to manage any mischief? A certain quartet of rascals came up with a great idea in creating a magical map, once… but even clever charms are sure to fail against the snooping spectacle that is Professor Snape. What is a wizard to do!?Design & Details Make sure that your mischief is always well in hand when you not only have a map but manage to wear it as a fashion accessory, too! How? Well, this officially licensed Harry Potter Marauders Map Scarf is the perfect solution! The worsted silk scarf is lightweight and has lovely neutral tones that assure it fits with any wardrobe you want. Plus, it has an all-over design featuring the look of the iconic Marauders Map. Does it feature the same enchantment to show you where you are? Well, you’ll just have to see if you can conjure the magic to make that happen on your own!

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