Make Up FX 3D Spider Stickers


You don’t need to worry about trying to wear a creepy mask and instead you can use the Make Up FX 3D Spider Stickers. These stickers are great for any creepy Halloween Costume.

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So Much Yikes It’s been said that most people fear public speaking even more than they fear shuffling off this mortal coil. We beg to differ. It should be 1) Spiders and THEN 2) giving a speech. Think about it. Would you rather say a few words into a microphone or face off with an eight-legged, eight-eyed fanged creature? We’ll take possible public humiliation anyday, thanks! Product DetailsDisplay your bravery for all to see when you wear these Make-UP FX 3D Spider Stickers! Each spider measures approximately one and three-quarters inches for maximum ick factor and their 3D details make them look uncomfortably realistic. No glue is required thanks to their adhesive backing. Stick them anywhere you want and get ready to hear some screaming! Amazing Arachnids Spider phobia? Not you! Your creepy costume will be epic thanks to these awesome stickers. Why not be a little extra and add some spider bites with makeup? 

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