Women’s Crimson Maiden Costume


Dress like royalty with the Women’s Crimson Maiden Costume. Show off this red costume to your friends and family and get them talking about how beautiful you look.

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Fit for RoyaltyNow you can dress for the job of your dreams and for the job you were always destined to undertake. You’ll be the most elegant and powerful queen in all the lands once you toss on our very own Women’s Crimson Maiden Costume. No king will have you bend the knee and no other queen will be able to compare to your grace. Royalty will suit you perfectly. We just have a feeling that you’ve always been more of a throne kind of gal rather than a recliner-loving, market-wandering peasant.Design & DetailsThe red crushed velvet dress with its shimmering cream accents simply screams royalty. It’s got all the bells and whistles. A set of puffy shoulders, hanging sleeves, an elegant kirtle, and lovely cream braid trim all over the dress. Don’t be surprised when the common-folk start worshiping the ground you walk on as you pass on by. If you need to convince yourself a bit more of your queen-status we can happily help with that, your highness. We have plenty of crowns and tiaras available and be sure to grab some additional jewelry to wear with this dress.Making HistoryRule over all the lands, or at least over your own home, with the style and grace of a queen once you toss on our Women’s Crimson Maiden Costume. Best of all, it’s one of our Made By Us exclusives, crafted with care by our in-house designers — so you can worry less about the quality of stitching and more about what to do with your newfound power.

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