Adult Pumpkin Costume Jumpsuit


Get comfy and cozy this Halloween season with this exclusive Adult Pumpkin Costume Jumpsuit! Dress up with your friends to be a spooky pumpkin patch at your next party.

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Curator of the ClassicsYou’ve always been a classics lover, from the books on your shelf and the food in your fridge, to the vintage clothes in your closet and the record player on your dresser. Not to mention that awesome restored hot rod in your garage! So we have to ask, why should Halloween be any different? Sure, the holiday can ignite some people’s most out-of-the-box looks, but it doesn’t have to be that way to get the most out of the day.If it’s classic stuff you love, then this Adult Pumpkin Jumpsuit Costume should really tickle your fancy. Not every Halloween costume has to be newfangled, high-tech, or trendy. In fact, some of the most iconic images of the holiday never go out of style. So fear not! This look pairs modern fabric and craftsmanship with the beloved orange jack-o’-lantern look for a fabulous costume you can break out year after year and still enjoy — much like a good book.Design & DetailsThis exclusive costume is based on a classic: the orange pumpkin bucket you’re used to seeing filled with mini candies! You’ll feel jolly when you zip up the front of this one-piece, fuzzy jumpsuit, complete with long sleeves to keep you cozy in the cool October air. The smiling jack-o’-lantern face takes up most of the real estate, while the pullover hood features a cute stem and vine for added effect. Trick-or-Treat!To make this costume really old school, give out vintage penny candies to trick-or-treaters. Of course, not everyone will be as committed to the classics, so may as well throw a few peanut butter cups in for good measure.  

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