Women’s Clean Sweep Maid Costume


You can sweep me off my feet any day with this Women’s Clean Sweep Maid Costume. She might not be cleaning your chimney but we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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It Wasn’t the ButlerThe dinner party was an event that couldn’t be missed! Hosted in the legendary mansion on top of Hollow Hill, the party would be an exclusive event with only the most sophisticated in the area invited. Once everyone was gathered around the dinner table toasting their mysterious host, all the lights went out! As soon as the chandelier sputtered back to life, it became clear that the party wouldn’t be the sophisticated gala everyone thought it would be. Their host was now face down in the soup! With the doors barred and the guests on high alert, it was time to figure out who had done such a dastardly deed. Was it the quiet actress, hiding behind a curtain of red hair? Or the stately military officer, trying to take control of the room. Well, everyone knows the butler is always the one behind the violence. Unless that is, that gorgeous maid in the corner is hiding something…Costume Details & DesignThis sexy, modern take on the classic French maid costume will take any event by surprise! The two-piece ensemble was designed by our in-house creative team to ensure a flattering and unique cut. The high-waisted shorts have sassy ruffled eyelet trim and an eyelet-trimmed apron. The top has ruffled straps with a unique wrap design that extends around the back. The look is topped off with a headband maid cap to complete this trendy twist to this classic costume!Maid for ThisSome people take to the classic sexy maid character with ease! If you want a little help getting into character, be sure and top this costume off with a sassy feather duster and the right tights or thigh-high stockings. Whether you’re dressing up for Halloween or a Murder Mystery party, this costume is sure to make a clean sweep at any event!

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