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Huston we have a problem! Your child needs the Kids Cosmonaut Costume Helmet to complete their astronaut costume. over. Buy the Kids Cosmonaut Helmet and your child will be the coolest space cadet ever! over.

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Milky Way Field TripYour child’s imagination goes to some pretty wild places. They might just be walking through the backyard, swinging a branch but in their mind’s eye, they’re struggling through the Amazonian rain forest looking for a lost city of gold. They pretend to climb mountains while crawling up the stairs to get ready for bed. So just imagine the places they’ll end up in once they slip this space helmet on! The Milky Way, Mars, and the moon is all insight. You’ll be able to tell when they’re floating in space by the way they move their arms in low, slow motion. Product DetailsThis beautiful space helmet was designed by our in-house creative team. The reflective golden visor flips up to reveal your child’s face once they’re safely back in the spaceship or on earth. The helmet has molding to hint at high-tech details around the neck. Decals of NASA and the United States flag add interest to the white helmet. Whether your child is wearing this astronaut helmet with one of our full cosmonaut costumes or use it as a tool for imaginary playtime with everyday clothes. Either way, it’ll be a delight to have an instant ticket to the cosmos without even leaving the house!

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