Kid’s Soft Police Helmet


Make sure your kiddo stays safe on the road while on patrol when you get them this Kid’s Soft Plush Police Helmet to go with their police uniform costume!

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Protect and Serve Halloween is a really big deal in your house. The holiday doesn’t just last one night, but the celebration goes on for several days, with school parties, neighborhood parades, movie marathons, and of course the big event, trick-or-treating. That means the costume your kid picks gets a lot of wear. And even though your little one can’t wait to turn themself into a police officer, the prospect of several days in a heavy and hot helmet is not appealing.No worries! We love your Halloween style and want to see your weeklong revelry continue. This Kid’s Soft Police Helmet will serve your child’s costume needs well. Now, they can look the part without all the weight of a normal helmet. It’s so cool and comfy to wear, you may find they reach for this helmet to play cops in the backyard long after Halloween is done!Product DetailsThis helmet has a velour outer shell, a cloth lining, and a thin foam layer in between for shape and comfort. The chin strap keeps it in place for days of Halloween play, and the details—like an embossed police badge and the large POLICE logo—make it look authentic. 

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