Women’s Classic Red Riding Hood Costume


Take a stroll through the woods in our Women’s Classic Red Riding Hood Costume. WARNING: May attract a big bad wolf, wear with caution!

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You Can Go Your Own WayThe woods might be dangerous but they’re also beautiful. Those trees might create a hiding spot for a sneaky wolf but they also house woodpeckers and mysterious owls. Without the woods, the gorgeous clearings with dappled sunlight and delightful little flowers wouldn’t exist. So of course, Little Red Riding Hood would want to travel the path to her grandma’s house! Despite the big, bad creatures of the forest, Red knew traveling those paths and enjoying the beauty would be worth it. Good thing too, because now that the woodsmen has dispatched with the troublesome creature, Red is primed and ready to find her own way in the woods once again!Design & DetailsThis delightfully timeless costume was designed by our in-house creative team. Standing out with exceptional detail and quality, this is a costume that can be worn again and again for different events. A knee-length velvet skirt with ruffled tiers hangs in a twirlable circle skirt from a subtly striped bodice. Sheer elbow-length sleeves and a natural ruffle create an old-fashioned feel. The costume is completed with a hooded capelet, hooked at the neck. Perfect for your next themed party, this costume can be completed with a basket and white stockings to seem as if it’s come straight out of a fairy tale!Take a WalkThis gorgeous red costume will make you feel like you’ve stepped out of a story. Pair up with a big, bad wolf for a lovely couple’s costume. And because this costume is high-quality and timeless, it’s a look that you can wear for all sorts of events from fairy tale themed children’s events to refined costume parties. Lush colors, ruffled details, and rich textures will make this look one that you’ll look forward to slipping into. Slip into this costume and you’ll be ready to skip into a daydream! 

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