Toddler Dolphin Costume


If your toddler is fascinated with majestic aquatic creatures, then this dolphin costume for toddlers is for him! This is an exclusive costume.

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Look who has jumped right out of the waves of the sea to say hello, and just in time to join the waves of trick or treaters this Halloween! It’s your little one dressed up as a sweet and playful dolphin who is bound to make a whole pod of friends – and melt a whole of hearts – by the end of the night. If your child loves dolphins, you’ve probably been hearing non-stop that these lovable marine mammals are fast swimmers. Like, really, really fast swimmers. With those flippers flipping and the dorsal fin to keep them on course, they’re experts at jumping, diving and dashing through the sea. And those whistles and clicks they make are just fun ways of talking to each other. So it’s going to be important that this Toddler Dolphin Costume has all the right details to make it as much as the real thing as possible. The light blue jumpsuit has a white belly, just like dolphins do. The “flipper” sleeves have slits for your child’s wrists to come out to make carrying the trick or treat pail (and other dolphins’ hands) easy. The flipper shoe covers stay on with elastic bands under the feet for safe flapping down the sidewalk. There’s a foam fin on the back and an appliqued felt mouth and eyes on the hood that lets your little one’s bright smile peek out. There’s even a blow hole at the top! The jumpsuit is padded to make it comfortable, cozy and warm for running with the pod all Halloween long.

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