Women’s Brown Victorian Spat Boot


Oh dear, did hear? Looks like there was another strange disappearance in London. Come on! Put on your Women’s Brown Victorian Spat Boot. There’s a mystery to solve!

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Never Underestimate a Well-Dressed WomanA love for fashion is a sign of a sharp mind! You might be canvassing for women’s voting rights, tracking down a murder suspect, or investigating a sensational story, but you can always spend a few minutes picking out the kind of footwear that’s both fun and fabulous. Product DetailsStep out in style while wearing your Brown Victorian Spat Boots for Women! Each boot ends at approximately mid-calf and is made of stylish brown faux leather. The pair have pointed toes with thick yet dainty heels. Stitch detail and buttons up the outsides of the ankles give them extra glamor, while the zippers on the inside of the ankles circumvent the need to spend a lot of time doing up all those individual buttonholes. The Right Tone Add some vintage charm or steampunk flair to your outfit with a pair of these cute boots! They’ll give you a look that’s a cross between “sassy English nanny” and “tough supernatural detective.” 

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