Girl’s Prairie Dress Costume


The iconic style of the 19th century American prairie, comes to life again in our Girl’s Prairie Dress Costume. This costume has a beautiful 1800’s pattern and is ideal for Halloween or any theatrical production!

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#WhatisaHastag?We know. It sounds pretty crazy, but girls in the colonial age didn’t have the internet or social media. Kids these days are spoiled with instant information. You can look up anything at any moment and you can show friends your brand new pictures with just the simple touch of a touch-screen. Back then, the humble hashtag symbol looked a lot different and it was used in certain bookkeeping practices as a shorthand mark denoting a number! And they spent most of their time churning butter and doing chores around the farm.It was a tough, technology-free life, which is why we’re quite thankful that we live in today’s society! But it’s always nice to look back at the tough work that the colonial settlers had to endure to give us a little more appreciation for how far we’ve come!Design & DetailsThis simple Girl’s Prairie Dress Costume harkens back to the days of early midwest settlers in America. The costume starts with a one-piece dress that has a blouse-style top and an attached skirt around the waist. The skirt has a blue, floral pattern all over and the top has navy blue accents around the waist, sleeves, and collar. The dress fits with a zipper in back, making it easy to change into the historical look. The dress also has decorative buttons in the front. To complete the outfit, the dress also comes with an antique, gold-colored metal cameo that pins to the neck of the dress. When your child has it on, she’ll be whisked bask in time!Shutting Down the Wi-FiTell your child to put that device away, shut down the Wi-Fi, and transport her back to a simpler time! With this Kid’s Prairie Girl Costume, your little one will feel like a settler from the 1800s!

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