Adult Professor Plum Clue Costume


For those looking to add a little intrigue this year or those wanting to recreate a board game adventure the Adult Professor Plum Clue Costume is the choice for you this Halloween.

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In the Library, Of CourseMaking sure that the door was locked behind you, you stepped quietly into the warm and comfortable quiet of the library. You knew these walls were thick and would insulate you from any noise rest of the house might make.“So, have you come to kill me?” you hear Colonel Mustard ask from his plush chair near the fireplace. Startled, you jump a little as you turn guiltily toward him. “Geez, no! What? No!” you protest. Joining him by the fire, you show him the book in your hands and are about to ask him if he would mind some company. Guess it wasn’t you!Product DetailsMaking sure you are dressed right for any occasion is very important, which is why we recommend setting yourself up right with this Adult Professor Plum Clue Costume. This “Made By Us” costume was put together by our hard working and careful artisans, so you will feel good about wearing this for years to come. The jacket, vest, glasses, and bow tie are all that you will need to make yourself look like the most learned suspect in the whole house! The characteristic purple of the jacket gives you all the iconic flair that you are looking for in a Clue costume. The bow tie and vest also give you that superior air of intelligence that will make fewer people suspect you!Color of RoyaltyIf you are searching for the perfect way to look classic and original, then you are in the right place. You will feel like a winner in this cool and comfortable costume. Just make sure you keep clear of the conservatory, if you know what is good for you!

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