Women’s Boot Camp Babe Costume


The Women’s Boot Camp Babe Costume is a butt-kicking costume that is sure to get you some special treatment during basic training!

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SQUATS AND SPARKLES You don’t sweat, you glisten, even after a grueling boot camp workout. It’s the life you signed up for— rise and shine at 5 am, then it’s time to hit the track for a few laps, next the drill sergeant is blowing the whistle and counting your jumping jacks out loud. “1-2-3, c’mon soldier pick up the pace, 4-5-6, faster, Cadet, faster jumping jacks!” Even though you enjoy pushing your body to the limit and you genuinely love your physically-fit physique, you’re also not afraid to admit you’re a pink-obsessed, makeup-hoarding, fashion-focused girly-girl. Who says you can’t do 50 squats after packing on globs of body glitter? Surely, not us! The women’s boot camp babe costume is a great choice because it encompasses all aspects of your magnetic personality. It’s comfortable and sporty, allowing you to pursue all kinds of athletic endeavors while looking extremely feminine in the process. Next time the drill sergeant counts your jumping jacks aloud, it’s highly likely he’ll get distracted by the sparkly camouflage shorts. Maybe they’ll shine so bright he’ll be forced to look away? Either way, you’re off-the-hook while clad in prismatic glitter— a total win/win! PRODUCT DETAILSCreated by our sequin-loving Design team, this Made By Us costume is perfect for women with a sporty side who also like to sparkle and shine. The women’s boot camp babe costume comes with the top, shorts and hat. The hat and shorts both feature camo-print covered in glistening sequins while the tan t-shirt has “U.S.A.” printed in gold-foil lettering.      GLITTER AND GRENADESYou’re a woman who can appreciate a few good accessories and luckily, this costume lends itself to sporting a few bells and whistle. Speaking of whistles, pick one of those up, a pair of black combat boots, aviator sunglasses and a pistol prop to achieve the complete boot camp babe ensemble. Of course, add copious amounts of body glitter but that goes without saying!            

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