Men’s Sound FX Bio Hazard Costume


This area is under quarantine! Keep clear of chemicals in the Men’s Sound FX Bio Hazard Costume. What horrors have you stumbled upon and how will your guests react.

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Caution: Hazardous MaterialsUh oh, this might hit a little too close to home for someone out there! But what is it about gym clothes that get so… stinky? If you don’t throw them in the wash right away, you might wish you had a real hazmat suit. We’re kidding! Mostly… Everyone can get stinky, not just dudes. We’re getting some serious bio danger vibes from this Men’s Sound FX Bio Hazard Costume. Maybe next time you find a nasty set of gym shorts, you can walk them to the laundry in this suit!Product DetailsWe can hear the classic biohazard alarm now! Oh wait, that’s not in our heads—it’s actually coming from the suit! That’s right, this biohazard suit comes with its own sound device. It sticks to the belt and will blare a warning to anyone in your path. The suit itself is a classic jumpsuit with a front zipper. It is pale yellow, with a black belt, attached black boot covers, and black symbols on the chest and arm. Both versions of the biohazard symbol are represented for good measure. Good thing, too, because this suit looks like it’s already been spattered with something green and toxic! Better pull on the provided black gloves (although those have goo on them, too).  Finally, pull on the costume gas mask to complete your look. Please note that vision will be obscured by the mesh eye coverings on the mask (and it won’t actually safeguard you from any errant gym clothes). Keep your biohazard items in a well-lit space!Too Little Too LateYou didn’t get the suit on in time! The toxins are affecting your body function and behaviors. In other words, feel free to get spooky or groovy in this costume! You can do the sprinkler or the zombie walk—whatever the situation calls for!

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