Women’s Great Escape Prisoner Costume


A great escape has never looked so good! Lay low from the law in our Women’s Great Escape Prisoner Costume. This great costume gives a classic Halloween costume a super cute look.

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Tonight There’s Gonna Be a JailbreakSomewhere in this town, there’s going to be a jailbreak! Hiding low, looking right to left. If you see those jailbreakers coming, then it best to move away. Do you hear what we say? We heard it in a song once! But the real question is, where do you plan on being when the great escape happens? Are you going to be cooped up at home, or are you going to join the escapees, having the time of their lives? Well, if you want to blend in with the rest of jailbreakers out there, you’re going to need a sassy outfit that fits the nature of the next rule-bending escapade!That’s where this Great Escape Prisoner Costumes into play. Created by our designers for women who don’t like to follow the rules, it’s an outfit that will have you ready for a jailbreak of your own!Design & DetailsThis prisoner style costume for women is designed to be both cute and comfortable, so you can feel confident as you bend the rules at your next costume party. The costume starts with a sweatshirt-style dress that comes with a black and white striped pattern to match the classic look of old prisoner uniforms. The dress also comes with a prisoner number printed on the front in large black print. To finish off the look, the costume also comes with a simple hat with a matching striped pattern. Put both pieces together and you’ll be ready to slip past the guards in no time!Breakin’ the LawLet’s just get this straight! We don’t recommend that anyone break the law while wearing this women’s prisoner costume. Of course, you could bend a few party rules to feel a bit like a rebel! You know, like double dipping your chip in the salsa!

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