Women’s Astronaut Jumpsuit Costume


This Astronaut Jumpsuit for women is an exclusive design that will ensure your next costume party is a blast.

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To Outer Space!Mission to Mars? How about just a mission to party? We don’t think you have to traverse the solar system to find a good time, and if you feel the same way, just go to your big get-together with this exclusive women’s Astronaut jumpsuit costume! With out-of-this-world style, you’ll be able to feel like a NASA superstar, without even leaving Earth’s atmosphere!When you suit up for your mission in this look, you could pretend to be a top scientist or engineer, or a even a pilot extraordinaire. Since this costume makes you look like the real deal, you can create whatever backstory you’d like! Maybe you’ve already been in orbit and learned a new dance move from the aliens on the dark side of the moon. Or maybe you’re preparing to lead the first dance party mission to Mars! Whatever adventure you’d like to imagine, we’ve got your back with this HalloweenCostumes.com made and designed costume.Design & DetailsThis polyester jumpsuit has a zip up front, and with contrasting orange and white sections, and detailed patches, you’re going to feel like you just hopped out of your spacesuit. With the sturdy polyester twill construction and decorative zippers topping false pockets for a realistic touch, you’re sure to feel like a NASA astronaut who’s chilling on the space station or a cool cadet who’s getting ready for training at Cape Canaveral. Do your country a brave service in exploration, or just show everyone at your get-together how to do zero gravity dance moves, and we’re sure that you’re going to be an instant celebrity this Halloween!

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