Legend of Zelda Link Classic Kids Costume


This Legend of Zelda Link Classic Costume features a classic green tunic with belts and his signature hat, this costume will transform you into the might hero!

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Hyrule is in Danger… Again!Hyrule just can’t catch a break, can it? It seems like every few years, there’s some kind of terrible catastrophe pushing the kingdom towards imminent doom. And it’s usually Ganon who’s doing it. The good news is that there always seems to be some clever young hero, clad in a green tunic, who’s ready to face off against the villain! This time around, we think it’s time for your child to wear the green and take up the Master Sword. They have what it takes! All they need is this Legend of Zelda Link Classic Costume… and maybe have a dozen wacky tools to take down some dungeons!Product DetailsInspired by the iconic Nintendo video game series, this kid’s costume helps your child look just like Link. The outfit begins with the bright green tunic, which is made out of a brushed knit flannel material. It fits with a fastener in the back and has metallic mesh accents. The chest belt is attached to the front of the tunic and the waist belt fits around the waist with elastic. The belt features 2 pouches, perfect for carrying a few rupees around. Finally, every young hero needs a hat! This costume comes with a pointed hat, just like the one Link wears in all of his adventures. When your child has it all on, they’ll be ready to tackle their first dungeon. Just make sure you equip them with one of our toy swords (sold separately). After all, it’s dangerous to go alone!

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