Women’s Prisoner Costume


You can feel like a true criminal with our Women’s Prisoner Costume. It’s a simple but sexy costume that’s great for Halloween or for a cops & robbers theme party.

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Ah, the classic striped prisoner uniform: stylish, slimming and difficult to spot in a crowd of zebras. Now it’s finally been updated with a miniskirt that will be all the talk of cell block B! Wearing this dress tells people what they already know, deep down: here’s a woman who can handle herself, who proudly declares “No walls can hold me!” You break rules! You throw caution to the wind! Politely waiting in a crowded line for drinks? Not for this escaped convict. There’s only so much time before you’re back in the slammer and you gotta get busy livin’ or get busy dyin’. And if you do happen to be an escaped convict, we’ve got good news: someone dressed as a prisoner at a Halloween party is the last person the authorities would suspect!If you really want to show them all “I’ve done time in the clink,” add some sexy boots and a ball and chain for that extra pop. But maybe don’t say “clink” because we honestly have no idea if that’s cool prison slang. We do know this dress is pretty cool, though. The classic stripes have a fashionable twist with a wide sleeve and a wide cut V-neck. That jaunty hat is rather chic as well. Huh, at least you’re safe from the fashion police!

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