Women’s Adult Steampunk Costume


If you’re a fashionista, you’ll love this Women’s Steampunk Costume. It’s a unique and stylish costume for women.

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If you’re into steampunk fiction and art, why not fully embrace the fashion style as well? There are actually two amazing things about this steampunk look and they both involve travel of one kind or another, and we think you’ll love them both!First, if you’re all about living in the post-apocalyptic future, then this costume will instantly transport you into your fantasy world. Second, after Halloween is over, you can finally hop that flight to New Zealand and trek down to Oamaru, or the “Steampunk capital of the world” (yes, really!)! Time travel and world travel, all in one costume? Count us in! In fact, we may have to get one of these Women’s Steampunk Costumes for ourselves and join you! This cool and unique costume combines Victorian era elements and the Wild West to create a one-of-a-kind outfit that will look lovely at the Oamaru steampunk festival or your neighborhood Halloween party! Pick up a pair of steampunk goggles as a fun accessory to pair with this blouse and tiered skirt. This outfit comes with a built in lace petticoat and even has a faux suede corset with cord lacing and metal buckles. You’ll need to pack your own steampunk-appropriate footwear, and make sure your shoes have good traction–there’s a nifty steampunk-themed playground in Oamaru and you’ll want to be able to climb the post-apocalyptic mechanical elephant (Yep. Really).

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