Zebra Headband & Tail Plush Kit


Run free across the African grasslands when you put this Zebra Plush Headband & Tail Kit. Rock a distinctive black-and-white striped coat and everyone will know what animal you are.

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Costume CreativityA lot of us like to get decked out head to toe for Halloween. If we’re dressing like royalty, we’ve got to have a crown and fancy shoes. If we’re going to be a ninja, some kind of weapon is a must-have. Or if we prefer to dress like a superhero, we’re going to buy the cape, the suit, the gloves, the boots, and the mask. Other people like to do things differently, or, should we say, like to do things themselves. They might like to create their own accessories, sew their own dresses, or build a unique costume from what’s already in their wardrobe.Product DetailsIf you like to get creative with your costumes, you might be interested in this Zebra Plush Headband and Tail Kit. It gives you so many different directions to go. You can throw them on with some black and white clothing and people will instantly get what you’re going for. Perhaps you’d like to DIY a striped shirt and pants to go with it. Or if you’re trying to get some laughs, you could pair these accessories with a completely different costume. After all, what’s funnier, a regular old zebra, or a zebra in a business suit? No matter what you decide to wear with this set, we’re sure you’ll have a great time!

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