Deluxe Kids Bumblebee Costume


Become a pollinator this Halloween with our Deluxe Kids Bumblebee Costume! Creating a buzz is easy with this exclusive look.

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Have you heard the news? When the bees disappear, so does all life on Earth! That’s a pretty frightening thought. Almost makes you miss the days where the buggers showed up in films alongside the other radioactively-bolstered animals. Those flicks were always a strange mix of horror and humor—the audacity of a giant bunny being cast as a murderous villain. Of course, a few of those giant animals were a larger risk…The next immediate thought is what would happen if we came face-to-face with an oversized bumblebee. Would it still be primarily interested in flowers? Could it even find any flowers large enough to sate the beastie? Of course not—it’d right quickly be off to find a new source of sugary goodness. A-ha! It suddenly clicks. They’d camp out until it was Halloween time and then go gallivanting to retrieve some amazing snacks.You can join in the fever of bee salvation by garbing your youngster in this Child Deluxe Bumblebee costume. Teach them the most crucial of all bumblebee dances so they can communicate well with the variety of other giant-sized creatures of the animal kingdom. Your little buzzer will blend in perfect in the polyester long fur fabric and be able to show off with glee the matching furry antennae top and stuffed stinger. No fear in accidentally pricking any friends with this one, so it will be a fantastic transition from fearing the bugs to helping their population regenerate. Not only can you offer your kiddo a great night of sugar but you’ll save the world, too!

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