Unicorn Costume Back Hooves Gold


Finish off the perfect unicorn costume with the Unicorn Costume Back Hooves Gold. These unicorn hooves fit right over whatever pair of shoes you’re wearing. Making it easy and convenient!

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Gleaming in the DarkIt’s dark in the King’s Forest, and you stumble over a tree root in the dark. You almost curse out loud, but catch yourself just in time. You are looking for help, very specific help, that does not react well to sudden or loud noises. The queen is sick, and only the touch of a unicorn can save her life. They are rumored to live in this forest, but it’s been decades since one’s been seen. Will you find a willing unicorn in time? That’s up to you! Bring the magic of this majestic creature to life with a pair of Gold Unicorn Costume Back Hooves. Product DetailsThese golden hooves are the perfect accessory for your footwear! The golden hooves feature an equine groove, while the rest of the “ankle” is a soft white. The cuff fastens around the ankle, while the attacted elastic goes around your foot to keep the hoof firmly in place. You’ll have no trouble walking in these hooves! As you know, unicorns have four golden hooves, not two. Looking for a neat solution to cover your human fingers? Check out our website to find the golden gloves that match this foot pair!

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