Women’s Plague Doctor Poncho Costume


It looks like the doctor is in with this Women’s Plague Doctor Poncho Costume! This costume is a simple, yet fun, way to get into the Halloween season!

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Hi, I’ll Be Your Doctor TodayThe history of medicine is wild. In Elizabethan England, letting someone bleed out was thought to be a great way to cure anything from the common cold to a grumpy mood. Women experiencing pains from *that time of the month* could be prescribed a mixture of boiled toad and crushed pearls (if you were a noblewoman, that is – most commoners couldn’t afford the toad, let alone the precious gems). And of course we can’t forget those good old-fashioned plague doctors who really tried to help despite wearing a getup unintentionally designed to frighten the life out of any of their patients. Over the years, we’ve discarded the wacko treatments while keeping the helpful bits of medicinal lore. The plague doctors might not have known what to do about rat-based sicknesses but they sure had their acts together when it came to scary costumes! Product DetailsPatrol the streets of London like a terrible specter in your Women’s Plague Doctor Poncho! Your victims – excuse us, “patients” – will scream when they see your hooded figure knock on their doors. The black material appears to have been stitched together from many different pieces of cloth (repurposed corpse shrouds, perhaps?) The poncho has a jagged hemline and an attached hood that can be pulled up to obscure your features. The waist is defined by a black belt with an attached pouch for holding your medicines – or poisons, whichever you prefer! Doctor DoomThis poncho is perfect for wearing with your favorite pair of Medieval hose and your trusty beak-nosed plague mask. As a doctor, you might need to work on your bedside manner, but as a Halloween party guest, you definitely pull your weight! 

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