50s Darling Toddler Costume


Give your toddler a cute, vintage look this Halloween with this 50s Darling Toddler Costume. This costume features a red poodle skirt with a red plaid shirt.

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Before your little one could even walk she seemed to enjoy those crooning pop songs of the fifties. For an infant, she seemed to be a little sentimental. If she had been around during the Elvis era she would have been one of the screaming teenagers at the front of the crowd. Sure, it’s too bad that she won’t be growing up in that age of innocence and sweet, shiny T-birds but there are ways to make your old soul kid feel at home in our modern age.  First, stick to records and radios. The fifties child might feel overwhelmed by fancy music streaming through a Bluetooth speaker or even CD’s. If you play an old school record you just might find that your little one has some pretty great dancing skills! A second way to keep them at ease in our new millennium is to have regular trips to your local old school diner. The vinyl seats and chrome edging will make her feel at home, get her a chocolate shake and she’ll be in seventh heaven, you might even gain access to a jukebox and teach your little one the hand jive. The most impactful way to put your little girl in touch with her fifties soul is a classic fifties ensemble. After all, it’s hard to learn to swing dance when you’re wearing a boring old pair of jeans.  This poodle skirt and checkered shirt combo have that classic appeal that will make your nostalgic kid’s dreams come true. Whether she’s dressing up for Halloween or you are going to a school sock hop with the family, she’s sure to have plenty of fun with it. Just put on that Elvis record and learn some swinging moves from your classic 50’s kid! 

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