Transformers Trunk or Treat Decorative Kit


The autobots will assemble when you transform your car with this Transformers Trunk or Treat Decoration Kit. Bring the trick-or-treating to any neighborhood or parking lot with Bumblebee and Optimus Prime.

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Autobots, Roll Out!Sometimes saving the day isn’t about flying the fastest, punching the hardest, or having the coolest weapons. Often, saving the day just means showing up – putting in that extra effort to encourage imagination and serve up smiles. Optimus Prime knows this and lives it in the way he sacrifices the AllSpark to keep Megatron from hurting other worlds, even at the cost of a secure future for himself. He dedicates himself to keeping his people together and protecting Earth from attack, and definitely wants humans to thrive and have fun. We bet he’d love the idea of Trunk or Treating! Product DetailsWe bet you didn’t know that your car could transform…into a super amazing treat dispenser, that is! Give the neighborhood kids a thrill with this Trunk or Treat Transformers Kit. The kit consists of a set of four awesome graphics, including a “Transformers” title banner, the Transformers’ logo, and images of Optimus Prime and Bumblebee blasting into action. You’ll have the coolest candy car on the block this Halloween! 

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