Skeleton Adults Gloves


Complete your look with this pair of Adult Skeleton Gloves! Great for putting on a bone rattling performance while you play the trom-bone for everyone this Halloween!

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So, we hear that you are determined to be the classiest member of your Monster Mash this year. What a noble goal. But then, you’re going to have to step up your costume game a bit. In fact, you’ll need to focus on the details in order to exude seriously spooky style, grace, and that certain extra something that wins hearts–or at least sternums.This set of Adult Skeleton Gloves is a spookily realistic touch for anyone hoping to impress their fellow ghouls. Not everyone will be wearing such realistic gear, so maybe send them a warning text ahead of the get-together. Even if you’re a reanimated skeleton, you can’t go wrong with a little extra effort, right? Make no bones about it, these Adult Skeleton Gloves will spook anyone expecting a mere white sheet, then charm them with their sheer cleanliness!

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