Creepy Killer Adult Mask


Become a creepy killer straight from anyone worst nightmare when you wear this Creepy Killer Adult Mask.

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Our world has become a seriously strange place because of the internet meme. People have spent hours making an angry looking cat comment on every topic in the world. One picture of an unfortunate middle school girl with her Goosebumps books has been making the rounds ever since the internet began. Then there are the more disturbing memes. One simple photoshopped image, in particular, has become the stuff of nightmares and has traveled like spooky wildfire across the pages of the web.His bleached face, dark eyes, and red mouth will after you simply scroll through a message board and encounter his greasy hair framed face. The last thing people will expect is to see him outside Reddit and in the real world. Wear the mask out to a party, wear it while Snapchatting your friends. We can’t even handle the creepiness and we work at a Halloween costume company.

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