Child Orange Footless Tights


These Child Orange Footless Tights will make a great addition to their Halloween costume. These help cover up their legs for some of the more showy costumes.

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Colorful EffectsIs your little one about to start school? Maybe they’re in a geography bee or making their acting debut in a holiday pageant. No matter what they may be up to, you always try to make sure they’re properly prepared. A good night’s sleep and healthy breakfast is a great place to start getting your kiddo ready for a big event, but did you know that color can have an effect on how someone’s day goes too?Product DetailsIf your child is heading out for a day where they’ll need plenty of energy and wits, choose the most intelligent color: orange—its influence on their day will be hard to miss. Orange is said to increase the oxygen supply to the brain and stimulate mental activity. It’s a very hot color, but not as aggressive as some of its warm-color cousins so your little one will be set for a very energized but balanced day in these Orange Footless Tights.Daily Dose of OrangeOkay, so maybe we only heard about the effects of colors once, but it seems like an easy theory to test out. Even if it turns out that the color doesn’t change anything, adding a bright pop of color to your child’s wardrobe will help them look and feel their best every day!

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