Toddler/Child T-Rex Fossil Costume


For kids who knew how to pronounce Archaeoceratops before they knew the name of the street they live on, this T-Rex Fossil Costume is a unique take on a Halloween skeleton!

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We’re not sure what happened to the dinosaurs. Some scientists believe that it an asteroid crashed into Earth and made them go extinct. Others think that all of Earth’s volcanoes started going wild and erupted in a cloud of gas and ash. We suspect it was the work of cats. You heard us right. We have this theory that cats crafted a master plot to rid the world of dinosaurs in their continuing conquest to rule the Earth, but that’s a story for another time. What we DO know for sure, is that the world is full of cool fossilized dinosaurs bones because of their extinction and we just can’t get over how awesome they are! Of course, if you’re looking at this costume, it probably means that your child thinks that dinosaurs are the coolest thing since video games. (And we’d be inclined to agree.)This T-Rex Fossil costume brings your child a look that comes straight from the Cretaceous Period. (Not the Jurassic Period, mind you—Tyrannosaurus Rex wasn’t quite around by then!) The costume comes with a jumpsuit that has printed skeleton bones and an attached tail in back. The hood also has a fossilized skull printed on it to match! Once your child has it all on, the great tyrant lizard of ages past will be reborn, except in a much more adorable form!

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