Infant/Toddler Pterodactyl Costume


Get ready for flight with this Pterodactyl Costume for Infants and Toddlers. Take your little one back to prehistoric times with this cute colorful costume.

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Winging ItSharing your love of dinosaurs with your kid has always been an exciting prospect. When you were a kid, dinos decorated everything from your tennies to sippy cups. The drawings that you brought home from school were always colorful illustrations of spikey lizards or long-necked Brachiosauruses. And while it’s been a long time since you dangled your legs at the breakfast table and babbled about the prehistoric giants to anyone who would listen, you’re excited to page through dinosaur books and revisit the beasts that you loved so much as a kid. Ready for the prehistoric adventures to begin all over again? Your little one will love diving right in when you dress them up in this adorable Pterodactyl costume!Product DetailsThis colorful jumpsuit is an instant dinosaur hit! It has hook and loop closures up the back and is printed with a dinosaur pattern that looks like it’s straight out of a dinosaur textbook. The sleeves are attached to the wings with claws. A hood with a wild cone at the top has a colorful pattern with orange and purple. There’s a wild prehistoric beak at the front and an open face to let your child see, breath, and chomp on trick-or-treating candies easily. Prehistory in Living ColorWhile you can always visit the fossils in a museum or a book, watching a dinosaur come to life right before your eyes can only happen once every so often. Hook your child into this costume and you’ll almost be able to picture your child soaring over a volcano and giant green ferns. And if you’re ready to get the whole family involved, we carry all species of dinosaurs and sizes of costumes from Raptors to the Spinosaurus and of course, a couple of styles of T-Rexes. Visiting your old lizardy friends is sure to be a wonderful adventure!

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