Toddler Blippi Costume


Your kiddo will happily be saying, hey, it’s me Blippi, when you get them this Toddler Blippi Costume. If they absolutely love Blippi then they will love wearing this Toddler Blippi Costume.

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Role of a LifetimeFrom the moment they tuned into Blippi Plays at the Children’s Museum, your toddler has been obsessed. Learning colors and numbers had never been so fun! Plus, Blippi’s personality is infectious. Watching Blippi’s energy, cheeriness, and constant excitement, lead your precocious tot to ramp up their own enthusiasm for play learning.Then you found your toddler demonstrating how firetrucks put out fires to their stuffed animals. And you watched them teach the dog how to quickly but responsibly put away all their toys. Something clicked. Your toddler doesn’t just love Blippi. They want to be the charismatic educator! Of course, they have a ways to go before they’re ready to fill the screen. But, with this Blippi Toddler Costume, they can become their hero at every playtime!Product DetailsHelp your toddler step into the role of a lifetime with this easy-to-wear children’s costume! The simple jumpsuit construction makes getting dressed in Blippi’s iconic 3-piece ensemble by combining them. Hook and loop fasteners secure the 1-piece outfit in the back. A pair of play glasses are included with the costume. Blippi’s signature floppy blue and orange hat is also included with the costume, so your kiddo will look and feel just like their favorite YouTube star.

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