Women’s Burglar Costume


People will be leaving their doors unlocked when they see you in this Women’s Burglar Costume! This exclusive sexy costume will have you stealing hearts all night!

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Hungry, Hungry HeistWierd things happen when you get hungry. You’re just not the morally stable character you usually consider yourself. Something in you simply shifts. You get a lot more sneaky. Working at your desk simply isn’t an option. Visions of hamburgers and fries dance in your head like an intense version of the Night Before Christmas. So it’s no wonder that you veer off your normal moral path when the hunger pangs take you over. Go ahead and embrace your hungry villainous side. You’ll feel like you set your secret thieving side free! All you need is this striped costume and people will know to guard their snacks with an eagle eye. They’ve been warned.Product Details & DesignThis striped jumpsuit will make you feel like you’re on top of the fast food sneak game! It is pretty chic all on its own. A gold-lined cloak layers over the top. The red tie and gloves add a shot of color. The costume is finished off with knee-high striped socks, the distinctive burglar flat top hat, and a black eye mask. When you wear this burglar costume folks are sure to forgive you when you steal extra pieces of candy from the office candy bowl. You can’t help your nature!Okay, Here’s the PlanIf you’re about to execute a genius heist, you’ve got to have a master plan. Put on some cheerful red sneakers so that it’s easy to make an escape. Get yourself a few cohorts to make sure you’ll have a getaway driver and someone to cause a distraction. Whatever hamburger joint… er bank… er jewelry shop you choose to raid has no chance! So go ahead and get in touch with that morally ambiguous side that comes out when you’re hungry. There’s no better time than Halloween to let your inner sneak run free!

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