Adult Pumpkin Ghost Face Costume


Dress up as one of the most iconic classic horror villains, but with a twist, when you wear this Adult Pumpkin Ghost Face Costume to your next costume party!

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Pumpkin ManDressing up as your favorite character is always extremely fun, but sometimes people will misname you, thinking that you are some other similar character. When you want to be Dracula, it sucks when people think that you are that poser, Nosferatu.Well, with this costume, you won’t have that problem at all! People will never think that you are anything but Ghost Face. Stalking down the halls and through the rooms of all your victims, you will never find anyone who doesn’t look at you with a sense of wonder and respect in their eyes as you approach with your visage covered in orange squash!Product DetailsMaking your outside look like the person you are on the inside is easier than ever with this Adult Pumpkin Ghost Face Costume. The included robe and mask are all that you will need to make yourself feel like the classic horror villain, Ghost Face. The iconic robe and characteristic mask shape are only made more impressive by the pumpkin details that we have added. The orange face has all the shape and color that you would expect from a pumpkin mask, but modified to match the character. Hacking and squashing has never been more fun than it is in this cool costume!Dress for SuccessIf you are trying to get ahead in your business, then there is nothing better for you to do than make sure that your dress matches your goals. Dressed from head to toe in this black robe and pumpkin mask, you should be well established in no time!

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