Toddler Black Cat Onesie


Prove that black cats are good luck with the Toddler Black Cat Onesie! Dress your little one as little black kitty cat this Halloween with the Toddler Black Cat Onesie!

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Coincidence? We Think Not. Cats are hilarious. At one moment, they’re sweet lil’ cuddlers who are happy to snuggle on the couch, and then the next moment, they’re shredding your drapes because you didn’t give them tuna treats. They’re crazy smart and coordinated…until they’re not and you have to act like you didn’t think their wild dive off of the counter was funny. Toddlers are kind of similar, come to think of it. They’ve definitely got their snuggly moods and their angry fits, and they can somehow figure out how to use your phone but act like they’ve forgotten what “go put on your shoes!” means. Maybe toddlers are actually cats. Product DetailsYou’ve heard that seeing a black cat is an omen of bad luck, but nothing except really good luck can come from seeing your little one in this adorable Black Cat Onesie for Toddlers! The exclusively designed outfit zips up the front for easy dressing and is made of one hundred percent black polyester fleece that is so soft, your toddler will feel like she’s wearing her favorite pair of pajamas. Black rib knit cuffs at the wrists and ankles lock in warmth, and the stuffed tail sewn to the onesie’s seat conceals an inner wire that you can pose however you like. The attached hood features soft-sculpted ears lined with pink fabric, as well as embroidered yellow eyes and a sweet pink nose. No face paint needed – it’s a complete costume all by itself! Cozy Kitty If your little one loves cats, she’ll flip for this sweet outfit! It’s so comfy and convenient that it’s as perfect for random dress-up fun as it is for Halloween. 

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