Grey Bunny Costume for Kids


Whether your the Easter Bunny, Buggs, a Magicians assistant, or just a regular adorable bunny rabbit, This exclusive Child Grey Bunny Costume is a cozy, adorable look for Halloween or Easter!

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Study of CutenessWe’ve spent years researching the cuteness of various animals. We looked at them all, from furry little puppies to the softest of little kittens, to even a lumpy old frog. We’ve petted, cuddled, and played with them all. It’s safe to say we’re cuteness experts at this point and we’ve come to the conclusion that bunny rabbits are the cutest (sorry frogs, you’re just not as pet-friendly as those furry little guys). Then, of course, we did what we do best and made a cool kid’s costume out of the cutest little critter on the planet and this is the amazing result.Design & DetailsThis fabulous child bunny costume brings you the cuddliest, the most huggable, the furriest, and the absolute, most adorable costume style that you will ever see your kid wearing. Despite feeling like real fur, this jumpsuit is covered in soft grey faux fur. That’s right, absolutely zero rabbits were harmed in the making of this costume. The exclusive costume is an extra cozy outfit to wear and should help keep your child warm in the cool autumn weather if he heads out trick-or-treating. The hood has a pair of big ol’ floppy bunny ears on top, that may just make your little one feel like hopping around the rabbit trail like Peter Cottontail. Just make sure that you fully stock your cupboards with plenty of fresh veggies, because your little bunny rabbit may be ready to nimble on a few tasty little carrots, just like a hopping hare!

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