Tiger Trainer Wig


I went to work every day prepared to die in a tiger cage. Dying doesn’t scare me. At all. Get wild this Halloween season with the Tiger Trainer Wig! Be exotic with the Tiger Trainer wig!

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An Exotic HairdoLet’s face it – your whole persona is larger than life. After all, you keep a menagerie of huge beasts that most people are scared to be around. You feed them raw meat and play with them, and as a result you have the coolest job in the world. Obviously, you need a hairdo that matches your enormous personality. Buzz cuts are too structured. Gel is too tidy. Fades are too tame. You should have a mane as long and flowing as the enormous cats you keep. What YOU need is a mullet! Product Details It takes plenty of confidence to pull off a mullet, but fortunately you have that in spades! You kind of have to be confident when you care for ferocious tigers every day. Actually growing your hair out can take a long time, though, so slip on this exclusive Tiger Trainer Wig for instant results. The “business in front, party in the back” style will be the talk of the town! The Fun Has ArrivedShy? Understated? Not you! Let everyone know what a good time guy you are by the way you cut your hair. Your friends will roar with approval!

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