Axe Firefighter Purse


Finish off a stunning firefighter costume this Halloween with this Axe Firefighter Purse. This accessory purse is exclusively made, and is perfect for a great Halloween.

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An Axe-ellent AccessoryAxes should be standard equipment for everyday life. No, really. Imagine your locker door at school or at work is jammed. No more fruitless banging on the latch – grab your trusty axe! Need to split a slice of chocolate cake 50/50? Whip out that axe! Got a loose thread dangling off your jacket? Axe! Ok, maybe that sounds far-fetched, but admit that it would be a lot of fun. And be honest – don’t firefighters look SO cool when they crash through a wall? It’s the only situation where it’s socially acceptable to smash in a door. Can anyone say “bucket list?”Product Details Be prepared for anything with this exclusive Axe Firefighter Purse! The purse’s body is shaped to look just like a firefighter’s trusty tool, right down to the blade and handle. We submit that this purse is even better than a normal axe because it fits all your other valuables inside its blade, thanks to the zippered closure at the top. Sharpest Purse Around This exclusive Axe Purse is guaranteed to be a smash hit anywhere you take it! Pair it with a firefighter’s costume or just bring it along as a conversation starter.  

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