Sexy Women’s Sheriff Costume


Look extra sultry and stunning when wearing this Sexy Sheriff Costume for Women. Those around you will have to look out as you serve and protect in seductive style!

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Completely ArrestingLook out, there’s a new (sizzling) sheriff in town…you! Halloween can definitely inspire some shenanigans. But when you walk proudly into the party, hitting your baton in your hand and tipping your aviators down to take in the scene, the record will skip, the whole room will take in your amazing Women’s Sexy Sheriff Costume, and break into raucous applause! How’s that for a powerful entrance? Of course, you could arrest everyone for rowdy misconduct, but you’re setting out to have a bit of fun this Halloween, too. Get ready to lay down the law for anyone who crosses your path to the dance floor, tonight. We pity that person.Product DetailsThis smoking hot ensemble is exclusive and made with form and function in mind. It includes the body-hugging tan romper that mimics a long-sleeved shirt and matching hot pants. The necktie is standard regulation, and the belt cinches the waist to create flawless curves (not to mention a place to attach your holster). Top off your look with the hat and add your favorite pair of tall boots for a fabulous costume that will help keep law and order (and awesomeness) alive and well this Halloween!Rule BreakerFeel free to, you know, break a few of your rules tonight. Halloween is all about fun, after all. And we’re sure there’s a learning curve to your new role. So, we won’t report you if you go off book a bit. You can always bring this costume out again next year and try your hand at policing the party. 

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