Tiger Protective Fabric Face Covering Mask


There is no need for a boring face mask when you can have something that really shows off your wild side! Order yourself this Tiger Protective Fabric Face Covering Mask and be ready to take on the day.

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The Ferocious FaceIt’s no secret. Tiger stripes are the universal pattern that signifies ferociousness! Why? Well, first off, have you ever seen a tiger eat? Those voracious big cats can devour a whole deer in a few minutes. And their roar is absolutely epic. So, if you’re really looking to add a ferocious look to your costume, then you’re going to want to harness the look of the tiger in every aspect of your look. That’s where this Tiger Protective Fabric Face Covering Mask comes into play.Product DetailsThis face mask helps you keep safe while adding a ferocious look to your costume or outfit! The mask has a classic orange and black tiger stripe pattern, and it’s made from a spandex blend material to help provide a snug fit. The nose piece is flexible and contoured so it can form your face. The chin cup also helps add to the snug fit. Finally, the mask features adjustable rubber sliders on the straps to help you adjust the fit. This mask is not designed for medical use, so it cannot be used as a surgical mask or a respirator. It does, however, help you reduce the risk of spreading germs when you head out in public. It also looks great with any of our tiger costumes!

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