Disney Tangled Pascal Tail & Headband Kit


Complete your look this Halloween season with this Tangled Pascal Headband and Tail Kit. This accessory kit includes a green head piece and attachable tail.

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Chameleon CompanionLife is always more fun when you have a friend by your side. Most Disney princesses have a trusty sidekick (or seven, if you’re Snow White) to help them on their adventures and keep them company. Many of those companions also happen to be animals. We’ve seen princesses who are friends with raccoons, alligators, mice, fish, tigers, horses, and dragons. Some of them talk, but others are rather silent. One of our favorite friends of few words is Pascal the chameleon. Although he doesn’t say anything with words, we’re usually able to tell what he’s trying to say with his body language and small sounds. We admire how he sticks with Rapunzel through everything, and unlike some other animal companions, he even has a fairly important role in defeating the villain at the end of the story.Design & DetailsAlthough it can be fun to be a princess, sometimes it’s more enjoyable to be the one keeping them company. We created this Tangled Pascal Headband and Tail Kit so you can comfortably accompany Rapunzel. You’ll be able to wear all your own clothes and add this adorable headband and tail to give you the look of this trusty chameleon! The headband features Pascal’s big eyes and wide smile on a beautiful green fabric with a shiny scale pattern. His curled-up tail attaches with a strap that has a hook and loop fastener to keep it secure.Silent SidekickAlthough he doesn’t say much, we still love this cute chameleon! Now you can create your own Pascal look with this Tangled Pascal Headband and Tail Kit. Just be careful of who exactly you cause to trip and fall!

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