Girl’s Deluxe Leopard Costume


She’ll look like she just stepped out of the jungle in this Girl’s Deluxe Leopard Costume. This jungle cat outfit will keep her warm and comfortable while she prowls around for candy.

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A jungle predatorDarting through the jungle as an apex predator seems like a pretty tall task. Especially for a young’en like the little lady you have in your home! But, trust us, it really isn’t a big deal. And it’s actually a whole lotta fun. So long as you choose a supremely excellent costume for her to take on the animal kingdom with!At the top of our list of recommendations? This exquisite Girl’s Deluxe Leopard Costume. A cute costume style that’s ready for fun, we’ll acknowledge that she’s probably not going to actually go hunting in the jungle. But as for being the cutie at the big costume party? Yeah, she’s totally ready for that! Design & DetailsStyled as a jumpsuit, this costume is constructed with soft polyester faux fur. It features the signature leopard spots as the main print, along with a tan chest, and black faux fur accents at the neck, wrist, and ankle. A tail is attached in the back, and this costume comes with a headband that features a pair of ears to complete her wild appearance. You can also customize the costume with facepaint, just like we have it featured in the picture!Made By UsWe made and designed this costume right here in our own costume studios, because we encourage everyone to get their spots! Whether you’re shopping for your child or if need to outfit some adults, too, we’ve got you covered with the largest selection of costumes on the web, in themes for animals from all over the world. So, go on, browse away and find out which animal you’d like to be this Halloween!

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