Toddler Shark Costume


This little shark is getting mighty hungry! This Toddler Shark Costume is a comfortable animal inspired costume for kids.

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They can smell sleep on you.Have you ever wondered if your kid knows exactly when you are too tired to be a person anymore? Because that is precisely when they scream loud from a nightmare. It’s like they can smell it on you. You really need to get some rest before you break down.You can’t blame them though. They are so cute, and they had a nightmare. It can be hard being a kid. They have so much to learn. Watching them figure out the world is worth all the sleepless nights. You remember the first time they saw a shark. It was amazing. Their little eyes were wide as they saw the teeth, and the wagging of the tail, and fins.Watch your little one as you put them in this Toddler Shark Costume. They will sit there for hours wagging the little shark tale, and flapping their little fins. Then they will take off running, acting as if he were swimming in the ocean. Taking big bites of the air, telling you about all the tasty little fish they are munching on. Hopefully all this activity will wear them out enough to sleep through the night, in turn letting you sleep through the night. Maybe letting your little shark wear this costume to sleep will let them feel like they can conquer any nightmare.

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