The Toddler Llama Bubble Costume


This Halloween, have your toddler ready to graze with this Toddler Llama Bubble Costume. Turn your little one into a llama with this adorable costume.

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The Ugly PonyOn a farm, long ago a Mama Horse saw her baby for the first time. They were tall and their hair was curly, unlike the other ponies born in the stable, but Mama Horse loved her pony very much. On their first visit to the field, Mama Horse heard other Mama’s mutter and their ponies cry, “What an ugly pony! We have never seen such a thing!” Mama Horse whinnied at their rudeness. When her pony asked why the other’s shouted, she responded, “They are jealous of your coat.” But Mama was not always there to calm her pony’s worry. One day, three ponies shouted at the ugly pony, “Run away! Run Away! Run Away!” Without Mama near, the ugly pony fled with a skip and a leap so unlike the others’ gait.The ugly pony came upon another field, filled with the most beautiful horses they had ever seen. Each had long hair, from head to hoof, and ears that looked like crowns atop their heads. The ugly pony was afraid to approach, knowing horses so beautiful would never want them near. But one looked their way and nodded their head to call them over. “Join us for a meal and enjoy a sip of our water, you look worn.” The ugly pony enjoyed a few nibbles of grass and a drink of clean water from the trough. They caught a reflection of one of the beautiful horses and were startled by how close the beautiful horse stood. The ugly pony hopped away from the trough and the beautiful horse did too. They twisted their neck and wiggled their ears when the ugly pony did too. The ugly pony looked at the beautiful horses and back at the reflection and realized, they were the same. “Beautiful horse, why do you invite me in when so many have yelled for me to leave?” asked the ugly pony. “Because you are like us. And we are not horses, we are beautiful llamas.”Product DetailsInspired by the beauty and popularity of llamas, this toddler costume is just the thing to teach any youngster that differences make the world a beautiful place. Dressed in curly faux fur, your little one will look as sweet as the ugly pony from story-time. With ears like a crown on the top of their llama hood and llama hoof shoe covers, they can play and impress all the other toddlers they meet.Beautiful LlamaThe moral of the story: it does not matter if you were born an ugly pony if you have been given the coat of llamas—because llamas are everyone’s favorite right now. So, dress your little one as an ugly pony and show the world your beautiful llama.

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